I’ve only been lucky enough to have Alice’s “Amazing Fingers” once, but I’ve never felt so pampered, so relaxed and so comfortable. Alice is very knowledgeable and strong, and if you have problem areas, she seems to know about them before you do. I felt a huge improvement in my back and leg pain.

Alice has been so incredible in the last year, helping me to make great strides in my physical health! She is by far the best masseuse I have ever worked with, and I cannot recommend her enough.

Kristin is really Amazing! I have an injury from hiking that I’ve been dealing with on and off for a couple of years now…This is far beyond your typical massage because Kristin knows anatomy extremely well.

I knew how amazing Alice Marie was but since she was out of town I have been working with Kristin. I have seen her five times in the past two weeks. Her in depth knowledge and commitment to identifying the source of the issues makes her a true Alice Marie mini-me. She doesn’t just treat symptoms, but works on solving long standing patterns of restriction in the body. I have had many injuries and couldn’t believe how many patterns I was still holding on to. Amazing Massage Fingers truly is AMAZING. Do your body a favor and make an investment in your health and wellness because self care IS health care.

I’m beyond excited that I found Alice and Jeremy!  I visit Los Angeles regularly and it’s not a surprised that I’ve suffered from lower back pain and a tight/locked left shoulder due to unfamiliar bed and plane travel.

Alice suggested I let Jeremy use his skill-set regarding trigger point and isometric massage therapy.  There are some other techniques, but all I’m know is I walked out with my shoulder being released.  I can’t remember the last time my shoulder felt so good.

Im so glad I’ve made this connection and would encourage you to gift yourself massages with these Amazing Fingers!

Thank you Alice and Jeremy!

Side note:  I HAD a crooked thumb on my right hand, due to my daily usage/wear and tear.  I thought it was aging causing my thumb to shorten and slightly twist.  Jeremy was able to straighten it out in one session.  It was so shocking that I couldn’t stop looking at my thumb.  I’m looking at it now.  Impressive if I do say so myself!

Alice is magic! She understands the human body so well. As a health and wellness professional myself, I can be biased and harsh when it comes to reviewing a massage therapist but Alice truly understands the human body and how to heal it. She is your new massage therapist, namaste.

I just started getting lymphatic massages here and my whole body is saying, “thank youuuuuu”. I was feeling really stiff and sore, but after a few massages, my body feels less tense , more flexible, and less pain with range of motion. Thank you Alice!

Alice is hands down the best massage therapist in Burbank. There’s not much to say that hasn’t been said before. I found Alice through her amazing yelp reviews and gave it a shot, and I have to say, I enjoyed every second of it. The only thing you’ll regret, is not booking a longer appointment with her! Will definitely be back!

Truly AMAZING! Alice Marie Francis puts such care into what she does, and she only brings on the BEST partners. The quality of products she offers, and the opportunity for her clients to learn more is incredible. It is truly a personal experience. She is a wonderful person and you’ll love her and her studio!

Forget the cheap, generic Thai massage and the meaningless tease of the chiropractic “freebie.” Put your money where Alice’s fingers are.

Alice spotted my pain points as soon as I walked in the door. My shoulders and neck were seized with tension, and she knew just what to do. With her strong – okay, amazing! – fingers and anatomical knowledge, she went after the causes of my distress. It’s not a quiet massage, but she’s darn funny as well as chatty, and laughing helped my muscles release even more. After an hour, I felt pounds lighter and inches taller, refreshed and relaxed.

Scheduling was straightforward, the office is clean and comfortable, and she uses wonderful aromatic oils. I will definitely be back.