Working From Home Too Long

10 days / 30 minutes

After the turbulent times of the past few years, and the number of people that are working from home (or living at work), or the hybrid schedule, thought it was time to introduce some relief.  If you have been working at your dining room table, or better yet, have taken your laptop to the sofa and made a nest, or best ever, have found that your ironing board is now a stand up desk (some people are very clever).  Am betting you probably have muscles that are saying “holy cow, what is happening…?”

If this sounds like you, we have developed a short version of a sport massage.  For this special we utilize a combination of stretching, a bit of deep therapeutic massage, and/or a Theragun.  Depending on the situation, may even utilize hot towels, and doTerra essential oils.

Cost: $600