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Available in 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions. Sessions include a combination of stretching, deep therapeutic bodywork, and sometimes even utilization of Yoga Tune-Up Therapy Balls (developed by Jill Miller).

Rate:  30 minutes:  $45  /  60 minutes: $90  /  90 minutes: $135.00

What Are The Benefits of a Sports Massage?

Getting injured, or dealing with an injury can put a wrench in an athlete’s career, impairing not only their performance, but their training. Dealing with the pain and a limited range of mobility after an injury, is not just frustrating, but a time consuming process. It not only affects the physical body, but has a tendency to mess with ones mind.  People start to question whether they are ever going to feel good, if they are getting too old for a specific sport.  

A Sports Massage not only focuses on existing injuries, but can in turn help prevent injuries from occurring, by increasing the range of motion in muscles, utilizing PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation – fancy way to say we utilize some cool stretching techniques) and decreasing the recovery time between the athletic events, and their training and/or workout. 

The overall benefit from massage therapy, is not solely related to simple relaxation, but also reduces heart rate and blood pressure, reducing the recovery time after an injury, rehab from an injury, increases the blood flow throughout the body, relieves muscle pain, relieves tension, and improves and promotes muscle elasticity and flexibility.  Realize massage has been recognized since the time of the Romans for overall health, as well as recovery from exercise.  

Massage therapy has been around since the Romans, and has made long strides from the idea that they are designed for simple spa treatments.  In today’s world, massage is an integral part in preventative medicine, making the benefits of the Sports Massage a necessary and vital tool for an athlete’s overall performance.  Whether you are a weekend warrior, or training for a competition, or want to improve your work out, Sports Massage makes sense as an instrument to assist in achieving your goals.