Lymphatic System

10 Sessions / 30 Minutes

Designed for the post liposuction client, this specialized massage includes the use of doTerra oils, which reduces swelling, Kansa wands which work with moving fluid, smoothing of lumps and bumps, as well as bringing relief to the tight muscles of the arm, abdomen, and back.

Best results, are typically achieved when the package is utilized within three (3) weeks of purchase.

A review from a lymphatic client who came to post surgery:

“Oh EM GEE! Alice is a miracle worker. She really does have amazing massage fingers. I just started getting lymphatic massages by her and I am completely hooked.My whole body feels less tense and just overall more relaxed. Her boutique is super cute and clean. The essential oils she uses just make the whole experience more soothing as well. She’s amazing!”

Cost: $400