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Corporate Massage in Los Angeles

A relaxing massage ideal for the corporate setting, this massage uses a lot of Shiatsu techniques to work out the kinks. I will bring my specially designed Massage Chair to your office or studio. Clients remain fully clothed and the massages are 10-15 minutes in duration but are still incredibly effective at reducing stress and tension. Many studies have shown just some of the benefits of regular Chair Massage to be less employee sick time and injury, and greater employee morale.

Employees spending too long hunched over their desks? Are the requests for standing desks sky rocketing? When you first stand up do you feel it in your lower back?

I have developed two (2) 30 minute workshops addressing different parts of the body:

1. Neck and Shoulders

2. Hip, Back, and Hamstrings

Sound interesting? Give me a call, or send an e-mail for more information: 310.721.6869 (voice or text) or [email protected].