About Us

Alice Marie

In an attempt to satisfy my overwhelming maternal nature, I have found that massage is the perfect outlet for that energy. I truly enjoy the happiness in my day, and relate to the quote: “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” To me, that is massage, an opportunity to bring, joy, relief, relaxation, a moment of peace, a feeling of happiness in a day, or life, where it may not otherwise feel so.

“Alice has been so incredible in the last year, helping me to make great strides in my physical health! She is by far the best masseuse I have ever worked with, and I cannot recommend her enough.” – Rachel B.

The primary focus of my treatment(s) is responding to the moment, not on a set routine or technique. The techniques are used as a tool, or medium, through which we (the client and I) experience a journey through the tissue and subsequent healing.

“EveryBody” is different, and hundreds of hours of training and subsequent massages in my practice show me how we all are truly magnificent and unique.

Couple the above with “self-care is the new healthcare”, who isn’t concerned about their health, healthcare, and rising costs, the ACA – do I feel a headache coming on? We all know that stress is bad for us, it triggers cortisol, and a myriad of other issues. How do we combat stress/cortisol? We get the parasympathetic nervous system working; when our body is able to rest, it promotes relaxation (slows the heart rate), and improves digestion, increases blood flow to our muscles which brings oxygen and promotes healing.

“Forget the cheap, generic Thai massage and the meaningless tease of the chiropractic “freebie.” Put your money where Alice’s fingers are. Alice spotted my pain points as soon as I walked in the door. My shoulders and neck were seized with tension, and she knew just what to do. With her strong – okay, amazing! – fingers and anatomical knowledge, she went after the causes of my distress.”


As a licensed massage therapist that specializes in trigger point therapy, myofascial release, muscle energy release and isometric stretching.

I have worked with Jeremy for several years, and he is the best at what he does.  I had aches and pains when I first found him, and within a short period of time was pain free.  I continued to see him monthly for maintenance and am still pain free.  If I pull a muscle, he will fix it!  And the fix stays.  Better than my chiropractor!  Ann M

My specialty is working with clients that suffer from new and old injuries.  For example:  head aches, TMG, restricted range of motion,  frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, if you can feel it, I would like the opportunity to address the pain.  My goal is to achieve therapeutic results, which can be felt in the first session.

My style is work with the main issue that brought that client in, as well as look at the surrounding issues for more long lasting relief. My goal is to make people feel the best they have in their adult or memorable life and then teach them how to keep it with stretching and posture adjustment.

So many issues in our tissues can be relieved with a massage; I would like to change people perception of the true benefit of massage and show them just how much better are body can be with proper maintenance.